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What are immediate dentures?

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These dentures are used when some or all natural teeth need to be extracted.
Immediate dentures are fabricated so that they can be inserted immediately after your teeth are extracted, hence the term 'immediate denture.

 To a certain extent these dentures are an educated guess as to how they will fit during their manufacture as they cannot usually be tried in and assessed before your teeth are removed.

Your natural teeth act as reference for selecting a tooth shape and color for your denture, ensuring your appearance isn't drastically altered.

Are immediate dentures permanent?

Immediate dentures should not be considered a long term solution.
Changes to your mouth as it heals, mean that your dentures will become ill fitting.
Periodic denture adjustments and denture relining may be required to maintain optimal fit of your dentures, prior to replacement dentures or denture relines.

The amount of shrinkage your mouth will undergo depends on the amount of teeth being extracted, your mouth can take between 6 to 18 months to stabilize, immediate dentures can also be relined as an interim measure.

Can Immediate dentures be made to look like my natural teeth?

Yes, careful comparison of your existing teeth with the many tooth shapes and colors at the disposal of your dentist.

Immediate dentures do allow patients an aesthetic and functional solution after tooth extraction, but their limitations should be appreciated.

Immediate dentures also act as bandage after tooth extraction.

Who can benefit from Immediate Dentures?

  • Patients who require a prosthesis immediately after a tooth or teeth have been removed
  • Patients who require a prostheses as an interim treatment for more complex treatments such as dental implants.

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